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Keynote History

2019 Keynote

"San Diego's Astounding History of Exploration" by Kevin Hardy

     This sleepy little beach town called San Diego has been a powerhouse of invention. Founded in 1769, San Diego was the first European settlement in California. Yet it is also famous for building flying machines to putting the first American into orbit. It has developed breakthroughs in undersea habitats, technology to dive the deepest ocean trench and put a camera into Mars orbit. We’ve predicted critical surf conditions during the Normandy WWII D-Day landing and helped advance understanding of the human genome. San Diego has made important contributions to the modern world and continues to do so.

Kevin Hardy, Founder, Global Ocean Design 

Kevin Hardy is a 40-year career ocean engineer who retired from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography / UC San Diego in 2011. He led a team into the Guinness Book of Records. His unmanned landers reached the absolute deepest point in the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench. Hardy was recognized with an Honorary Doctorate of Science degree from the Shanghai Ocean University, the first in that institution's 106-year history. Hardy remains active in deep ocean technology with his company, Global Ocean Design.

Through the Marine Technology Society (MTS), Hardy is also known for his many contributions to educational outreach including K-8 curriculum, creating high school and undergraduate design challenges, and professional level tutorials common at MTS and IEEE conferences.