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Career Preparedness

On occasion we receive requests to post on-line materials to support the pursuit of education. Unless stated otherwise, the source of these materials is not always clear and is assumed to be a for-profit. 

Gender & Diversity in STEM Careers 

Women in STEM: A Guide to Bridging the Gender Gap - https://online.maryville.edu/blog/women-in-stem-a-guide-to-bridging-the-gender-gap/

Online Career Guides 

Engineering Degree Guidelines A support resource for those searching for information on online degrees in the most popular engineering specializations including: bio, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering in addition to data science. https://engineeringdegreeguides.org

College Beginner Suite A database of financial aide, scholarship and degree resources by AffordableCollege.com  

Computer Science The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ project a higher than average growth rate for computer science employment. To meet the high demand for educational resources for our students, www.ComputerScienceOnline.org has developed a series of open-use guides meant to bolster the preparedness of students for a healthy start to their careers. These guides contain information on vital subjects such as resume building, degree possibilities, and job outlook.

Information Technology Information technology represents one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world, with a 13% growth projected through the end of the next decade. With unrivaled growth potential and an expansive range of supported skill sets, information technology is primed to help smooth the transition from our traditional economy into that of the future. Following is a series of guides for professionals within or looking to enter the information technology industry that detail the advantages of earning an MBA and how to select the right program.