Display Tables

Display Tables at the Engineers Week 2022 Reception on Feb 20:

  • Early Table Setup begins at Noon. See Map Below

  • Collegiate Chapters are invited to join the Professional Chapter Display Tables

Dear Engineering Society Sponsors: As a sponsoring engineering society, we want to make you aware of one very exciting and unique advantage. The Sunday, Feb 20, 1 pm Reception will have 6 ft Display Tables and two chairs in the open courtyard for “all” sponsoring engineering societies. The goal is to encourage guests and members to network outdoors. A few of the ways your organization can utilize this opportunity is to consider including the following:

  1. Bring any logo table displays or stands so that other members / guests can easily find you

  2. An infographic that states “who you are” with a QR code to your website, social media platforms or events. It could be cardboard, a stand or weighted down paper, etc. (Wondering how? here is one free app that will generate a QR code from your URL)

  3. Any promotions to your activities (member programs, student chapter programs, outreach events) and invite guests to join you and get to know you.

  4. Any show pieces as applicable, or giveaways (stickers, pens, gadgets) have fun with any educational materials

  5. Have limited giveaways? Consider a raffle. If you have a raffle, please let us know and we will include you on our raffle sponsor list with our other raffle items. Raffles will be given away after the awards ceremony. (You can give us the item to raffle for you, or you can include the bowl to collect ?? business cards, names? and give us the results).

  6. Sponsored Engineering Legend - We will provide you with a small standup of your Legend (Legend description on one side, Your logo on the other side) to put on your table. Feel free to have fun sharing your legend or building it into your raffle or other fun activities.

While having someone from your organization actively staff the display would facilitate the networking, the display tables can simply be the networking “hot spot” to gather with your members and guests, take photos and arrange the time for everyone to show up at the photo booth.

    • If you have any concerns about having a display, please let us know. If you feel your organization is too small to stand alone, we can combine your organization with another similar type of organization. It is a great way to further your network ties and support the greater San Diego Engineering community!

    • Please note, no facility electricity is available outside for the display tables. Consider conditions may be windy, chilly, or misty. The audience is professionals, retirees, high school and college students and their guests.

    • Early Table Set up. Table set up can begin as early as noon. Registration will open at 12:30. The reception opens at 1:00.

Questions? Email Ken at: sponsorship@sandiegoengineers.org