2021 Artists

Kayla and Zoey are winners in the digital art category.

Kayla Scott's piece titled ‘Engineering a Brighter Future - Project Coral Regeneration’ demonstrates her idea of an underwater ROV that can regrow coral and remove CO2 from water. Through her artwork created in Tinkercad and Adobe Photoshop Scott would like people “to care about our coral reefs and to do their part to reduce CO2 which is contributing to ocean acidification.”

Zoey Lestyk's digital art piece titled ‘A Helping Hand’ depicts a beautiful outstretched hand half human half robotic prosthetic. Lestyk hopes in the future, “ we could engineer other possibilities; we would not have to rely on transplants, but create our own solutions” to illness and injury.

Emerson and Ashlee are the winners in the traditional hand drawn art category.

Emerson Utgaard’s piece is motivated by her belief that “various fields of engineering can contribute to the development of our future society”. Utgaard’s colorful hand drawn piece depicts elements of these different fields she believes will make the future brighter including: biomedical research, international cooperation, green energy, human exploration and transportation.

Ashlee Delgado’s piece is titled ‘Beyond into the Future’. Delgado’s use of color and creativity conveys the things she thinks are important to make the future brighter including “going into space, the people of this planet, engineering, sciences, and better farming” techniques.