2024 Awards Nomination Information

The San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) invites you to recognize the contributions of local and aspiring engineers and projects that advance engineering in the community and benefit the general public. ATTACHED below are the AWARDS NOMINATIONS INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS with details on how to submit nomination applications.   

Nominations Open October 1 - Close December 11 (firm deadline) 

Awards Timeline

Eligibility Requirements

Items Needed for Submittal

Individual Awards

Outstanding Engineer

Outstanding Engineer - Eligibility and Desired Qualifications: (1) Makes significant technical contributions in the field of engineering, (2) Holds a degree in an engineering-related field or is a licensed professional engineer, (3) Is primarily employed as a practicing engineer performing technical work.  Selection Criteria:

Outstanding Engineering Educator

Outstanding Engineering Educator - Eligibility and Desired Qualifications: (1) Makes significant contributions in the field of engineering or engineering education, (2) Is employed as an educator (faculty, lecturer, administrator, either full-time or part-time) whose primary focus is on engineering education in a post-secondary institution. Selection Criteria:

Outstanding K-12 Engineering Educator - Eligibility and Desired Qualifications: (1) Makes significant contributions to K-12 education, relevant to engineering, (2) Serves as a formal or informal educator for K-12 students. Selection Criteria:

Outstanding Engineering Service

Outstanding Engineering Service - Eligibility and Desired Qualifications: (1) Provides significant service and/or outreach for the advancement of the engineering profession, (2) The nominee need not be an engineer. A resume of volunteer or society activity is strongly encouraged. Selection Criteria:

Outstanding Leadership in Engineering

Outstanding Leadership in Engineering - Eligibility and Desired Qualifications: (1) Demonstrates significant accomplishment in the leadership and management of engineering companies, organizations, or projects, while fostering an inclusive, innovative workplace environment, (2) Nominees need not be an engineer but must currently be in an engineering field. Selection Criteria:

Project Awards

Eligibility and Desired Qualifications: There are three primary project categories: 

Eligible projects will be judged on achievements within the last five years for professional, outreach and society-sponsored projects and last two years for student projects. Selection Criteria:

Student projects will also be judged based on the quality of the project relative to academic grade level, size of the project team, amount of faculty/professional involvement, and financial and physical resources used.