A few s.t.E.m. (science, technology, ENGINEERING, math) resources with an emphasis on ENGINEERING and aspiring #SanDiegoEngineers

Student STEM Outreach

Below are student s.t.E.m events for K-12 students:

Other STEM Resources:

  • SWENext Adult Advocate April Newsletter "The Un-Titling of Women" - for volunteers supporting the next generation of women in engineering and technology

  • SWENext High School Student Newsletter

  • NCWIT TechnoChicas

Engineering Legends as Role Models

Celebrate Engineers in a meaningful way by adding a few Engineering Legends to Your Lesson Plans. This first legend is available in a "Chats With Changemakers".

Looking for a few friends to explore the world of engineering with? Form an engineering club as an after school activity and enter an engineering challenge. Any San Diego student (or San Diego Club) that wins a regional / national / global engineering / technology contest will be recognized during the San Diego Engineers Awards Celebration. Tell us of your accomplishments here!