The San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) is a nonprofit umbrella organization of local engineering societies and STEM organizations. Together along with our delegate members-at-large, committees and leaders host the annual San Diego Engineers Week Awards and celebrations. For more info, fill in our volunteer interest form and a board member will get back with you. You can also email info@sandiegoengineers.org

SDCEC Committee Organization Chart

DELEGATES are engineering society chapter members representing their STEM organization: includes chair or an appointed member. Responsible for promoting Engineers Week, Awards Nominations, and Council needs.

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (MAL) are board approved delegates who have been formally nominated by their chair to have a vote on the council.

OFFICERS include President, Vice President, ** Secretary, Treasurer.

HONORARY CHAIRS are the chief advisor to the board responsible for marshalling resources within (1) Industry, (2) Academia, (3) Societies. They perform ceremonial duties and are members on the awards, programs and representative committees.

STANDING COMMITTEES are comprised of volunteers, society delegates and include:

  1. Awards (Honors) Committee - Responsible for annual awards offerings, formal awards ceremony and publicity
    Awards Judges (Dec 10 - Dec 20), Publicity (Publicize Award Winners), Awards Design, Awards Brochure

  2. Programs (Events) Committee - Responsible for annual San Diego Engineers Week programming (Virtual Festival, Speakers, Awards Banquet & Reception) in addition to events outside of Engineers Week throughout the year.
    In-Person Engineers Week Awards & Reception on February 20, 2022 (January - February)
    Photo Booth Program Lead, Photographer
    Networking Fun Facilitator Lead, Ask An Engineer,
    Display Table & Sponsorship Lead, Raffle Coordinator,
    Social Media Day-Of Reporters and Contest Lead
    Virtual On-Demand Speakers (January - March)
    Reviewers, Publicity, Panel Discussion Moderators

  3. Student Engagement (Colleges) Committee - Responsible for the engineering college faculty delegates, annual college engagement meeting
    Engineers Week: Student Chapter Participation, Faculty Participation, STEM Awareness & Student Recognitions

  4. Communications (Digital Media) Committee - responsible for cross-society and event publicity,
    Social Media Managers, Graphic Artists, Newsletter Editor and writers, Website Manager

  5. Budget (Sponsorship) Committee - Responsible for Annual Sponsorship Package (Society / Industry / Engineering Legends), Budget & fiscal reporting
    Engineers Week: Sponsorship Lead, Engineering Legend Lead

  6. Ad-Hoc Committees: Include Bylaws / Policy Manual, Audit Committee
    Engineers Week: Student Art Contest Coordinator (December - February)