The San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) is a nonprofit umbrella organization of local engineering societies and STEM organizations. Together along with our delegate members-at-large, committees and leaders host the annual San Diego Engineers Week Awards and celebrations. For more info, fill in our volunteer interest form and a board member will get back with you. You can also email info@sandiegoengineers.org

SDCEC Committee Organization Chart

DELEGATES are engineering society chapter members representing their STEM organization: includes chair or an appointed member. Responsible for promoting Engineers Week, Awards Nominations, and Council needs.

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (MAL) are board approved delegates who have been formally nominated by their chair to have a vote on the executive council.

OFFICERS include President, Vice President, ** Secretary, Treasurer.

HONORARY CHAIRS are the chief advisor to the board responsible for marshalling resources within (1) ** Industry, (2) Academia, (3) ** Societies. They perform ceremonial duties and are members on the awards, programs and representative committees.

STANDING COMMITTEES are comprised of volunteers, society delegates and include:

  1. Awards (Honors) Committee - Responsible for annual awards offerings, formal awards ceremony and publicity
    **Awards Judges (Dec 10 - Dec 20), ** Publicity (Publicize Award Winners), Awards Design, ** Awards Brochure

  2. Programs (Events) Committee - Responsible for annual San Diego Engineers Week programming (Virtual Festival, Speakers, Awards Banquet & Reception) in addition to events outside of Engineers Week throughout the year.
    In-Person Engineers Week Awards & Reception on February 20, 2022 (January - February)
    ** Photo Booth Program Lead, ** Photographer
    ** Networking Fun Facilitator Lead, Ask An Engineer,
    Display Table & Sponsorship Lead, ** Raffle Coordinator,
    ** Social Media Day-Of Reporters and Contest Lead
    Virtual On-Demand Speakers (January - March)
    Reviewers, ** Publicity, ** Panel Discussion Moderators

  3. Student Engagement (Colleges) Committee - Responsible for the engineering college faculty delegates, annual college engagement meeting
    Engineers Week: Student Chapter Participation, Faculty Participation, STEM Awareness & Student Recognitions

  4. Communications (Digital Media) Committee - responsible for cross-society and event publicity,
    Social Media Managers, Graphic Artists, ** Newsletter Editor and writers, ** Website Manager

  5. Budget (Sponsorship) Committee - Responsible for Annual Sponsorship Package (Society / Industry / Engineering Legends), Budget & fiscal reporting
    Engineers Week: Sponsorship Lead, Engineering Legend Lead

  6. Ad-Hoc Committees: Include Bylaws / Policy Manual, Audit Committee
    Engineers Week: ** Student Art Contest Coordinator (December - February)