Role Model Directories

Looking for local STEM inspiration? Curious about life in the day of an engineer?  Explore these Role Model Directories and On-Demand Speakers.  It is a great way to not only find a Role Model, but to sign up and become a role model as well. Consider adding your name to one of these directories. Share your Past, Spark a Future.

Space Time Podcast - Youtube channel exploring the frontiers of technology, engineering and innovation with trailblazing engineers, researches, thought leaders shaping the future. Host Honorebel S. Walker

Teach The Geek - Youtube channel by Neal Thompson offering tips for the STEM professional on public speaking issues.

Success Innovation LH - Youtube channel by Lazaro Herrera, a SHPE San Diego, interview podcast series of STEM Role Models.

Daren Lipomi - UCSD Professor Youtube channel and molecular podcasting exploring student life, nano engineering, and how universities work. STEM Careers The source for a variety of Engineering and Technology degrees and fun career exploration. 

DiscoverE "Chats With Changemakers" (Elementary-Middle School on-demand videos) - Explore Women engineers who shape the future and make a better world. 

Career Girls - Explore thousands of videos of that include over 200 STEM Careers. Search by Engineering, Technology and more!  

STEM Gems - Explore over 60 STEM Role Models on line, watch their videos complete with a Discussion Guide for each career. Over 1,000 STEM Role Models in the Directory to discover. Video - Video by the San Diego STEM Ecosystem