EWEEK 2025 On-Demand Speakers

Looking for local STEM speakers? Curious about life in the day of an engineer?  Our on-demand speakers are a cross-section of San Diego Engineers in various professions at different stages in their careers. The videos are available for you to view today.  

Technology & Innovation

Concepts in Nano Engineering

Explore the concepts of Nanoengineering in this first Nano blogpost by Professor Lipomi. He provides a definition and overview of the field of nanoengineering, its two major branches, and how it is at the center of the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and engineering (mechanical, chemical, materials, biological, and electrical). Speaker: Darren Lipomi, Ph.D., is a professor of NanoEngineering at UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.  Check out his other podcasts and youtube channels on his outreach page.

Buildings of the Future: Net Zero Energy

This TEDx Talk CSU San Marcos presentation addresses why building need to be self-sufficient. You will learn the current energy producing means with sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to ensure sufficient energy to power the world today and for years to come. Speaker: David Shadpour, accredited ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professional, at Shadpour Consulting Engineers Inc. 

Professional Development

The Social Impact of Privacy Engineering

In this episode 14 of REDEFINING PINK, we meet Veronica Tang and explore her path to how she became a privacy engineer, working at Google, hosting a math club style training for middle school girls to becoming the founder of All Girls STEM Society. Interview is by Angelina Kim and Sophia Guan. For additional interviews by powerful women in STEM, make sure to visit and follow the Redefining Pink podcasts.  


Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In this 2024 episode 250 of the SWE Podcast Diverse, Hang Loi, a Product Development Manager at 3M, interviews members of the SWE Late Career and Retiree Affinity Group (1) Dr. Mary Isaac, a mechanical engineer who pursued her doctorate in retirement, and (2) Gabriela Coe, a systems engineer and fellow at Northrop Grumman. In this session you will discover insights from their engineering careers and how they navigated their underrepresentation, and the essential presence of mentors and role models. 

Breaking Barriers and Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators

In this March 08, 2024 episode 232 of the Styled by Science CEOs, Jasmine LeFlore, MSE, MBA, co-founder and executive director of Greater Than Tech, shares her inspiring journey of breaking her own barriers and empowering the next generation of STEM, business and interdisciplinary leaders. An engineer by training, Jasmine is also a visionary leader and advocate for diversity in STEM and business. Dive into this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation with Jasmine. 

STEM Books

Get your signed copies of their books at the Engineers Week STEM Book Author's table. Visit our STEM/Books page for more books by local San Diego Engineers!

Extraordinary Engineers 

An in-depth look into the lives of Female Engineers. Read about their journeys into engineering and the courage to walk out their dreams. Author: Dr. Justina Sanchez, a Quality Engineer

Great Harvest: An Engineering Story 

For ages 4-8 introducing engineering. Review. Author: Nathan Russert, SDSU alum, Electrical Computer Engineer. 

Ask Uncle Neil: Why is My Hair Curly

A children's STEM book about innovation and the science of curly hair. Review. Author: Neil Thompson, founder of Teach The Geek and a Biomedical Engineer.   


ASM Materials Camp for Middle to High School STEM Teachers

This week-long, hands-on lab experience shows educators how to use applied engineering techniques in their classroom. ASM Materials Camp®-Teachers is an idea-generating workshop introducing teachers to methods that make math and core science principles more enticing and relevant to their middle and high school students. Materials topics are great motivators in any engineering, technology or science course as students learn concepts that are reflected in their everyday lives. Virtual Camps available. Course is Free. For more info, schedule and to apply: https://www.asmfoundation.org/teachers/materials-camps/year-one/