2022 Artists

Congratulations to the 2022 Art Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions showcased below.  The artists were asked to either showcase a creative invention or to draw an Engineer or STEAM Role Model along the 2022 engineers week theme "Reimagining the Possible". The winners were selected from three categories: High School Grades 9-12, Middle Grades 6-8, and Elementary Grades K-5.  Thank you to all of our judges and especially our art contest partner, the Eastlake High School SWENext Club! 

High School Art Contest Winners 

FIRST PLACE WINNER:  "Hijab" is a charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil on paper drawing of an unnamed engineer. The engineer in the picture wears hijab, a style of dress for many Muslim women. A Muslim woman's hijab is one of the first things other people see when she walks into a room, which can cause people to judge her before even knowing her. When someone wears hijab, others seem to simplify them to just someone who wears hijab, hence the title of the piece, which glosses over the important work the woman depicted is doing to design a bridge as society does to many hijab-wearing women. As a Jewish person, I know that if I wore a particular style of dress for my religion, it would make it very hard for me to be respected and forge connections with people. Therefore, I wanted to showcase an engineer in hijab in this piece to normalize women in hijab holding important and valuable positions in the workforce, and to recognize that they can be very intelligent and capable, since I seldom see artwork expressing this.  Artist: Hollis, (Grade 10, Canyon Crest Academy)

Honorable Mentions:

K-8 Art Contest Winners  

FIRST PLACE Grade 6-8 "All things have a frequency and a vibration" portrait of Nikola Tesla who has invented many things which have changed the world. I have used the collage technique digitally on a drawing app called Procreate. Using collage was the best way to show all of Tesla’s inventions with Tesla at the centerpiece and images of his patents around him. Tesla has changed the world and reimagined the possible. Artist: Sophie Cha Fong (Grade 6, Poinsettia Elementary)

FIRST PLACE Grade K-5 "Elon Musk" is inspired by the CEO of Tesla and Chief Engineer and CEO of Space X, for reimagining electric vehicles and bringing clean electric and solar energy into our daily lives to support the global goal of affordable and clean energy sources. Artist: Samarth Singh (Grade 2, Solana Highlands Elementary)

Honorable Mentions

Thank you to all of the artists who have contributed to building awareness of of engineering legends and their STEAM achievements as well. To learn more, visit our Legends Page and scroll through some of their amazing achievements below.