Congratulations to the 2023 Art Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions showcased below.  The artists were asked to either showcase a creative invention or to draw an Engineer or STEAM Role Model along the theme of "Creating the Future".  Thank you to all of our judges and especially our art contest partner, the Eastlake High School SWENext Club! Here is more information about the contest.  

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Thank you to all of the artists who have contributed to building awareness of of engineering legends and their STEAM achievements as well. To learn more, visit our Legends Page and scroll through some of their amazing achievements below.

"Lonnie Johnson" won Most Creative Artwork by Gompers Preparatory, Grade 6, Carson C.

"Mae Jemison" won Most Interesting STEAM Person by Gompers Preparatory, Grade 6, Martha C.

"The Future is Space" won Best K-5 Artwork by Curie Elementary School, Grade 5, Shungo Y.

"The Safety Stopper" won Best Invention by Gompers Preparatory, Grade 6, Maria S.

"Ways To Save Earth" won Best Statement by Standley Middle School, Grade 7, Keigo Y.

"J-Bot" won Most Creative Innovation by Scripps Ranch HS, Grade 9, Stuti A.